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Approved Practitioner Lists

Approved Practitioner Lists

Thank you for your interest in joining our Approved Practitioner Lists. If you are a student looking for the Approved Practitioner Lists please visit the Resources section in the Member Pages.

We require all our students to be in counselling or psychotherapy throughout the duration of their training with a practitioner from our Approved Lists. Every year new students join us who need to find an approved counsellor or psychotherapist in order to proceed with their training. In the later stages of training students are also required to be in supervision which they may arrange through our Lists. If you are a qualified counsellor or psychotherapist and/or have supervision experience, we would welcome an application from you. Simply, follow the instructions in the How to Join section.

In some cases, a new student is already in therapy with a qualified practitioner who is not on our Approved Lists. If they wish to continue with that person throughout their training we require that practitioner to join our List in order for the student to meet BCPC's requirements for training. We understand that there is some inconvenience involved in this but it is a quality assurance standard we apply across the board for the protection and enhancement of all our students.

A qualified practitioner can join our Lists in the capacity of psychotherapist, psychotherapy supervisor, counsellor, and/or counselling supervisor (these are not mutually exclusive categories). Please ensure you clearly indicate which List you are applying to join.


To join the Approved Practitioner Lists please either download and print the application below, or contact the office on for a Word version which can be completed electronically

Application Pack:

Please email completed documents to or send the signed hard copy to BCPC, 1 Trim Bridge, Bath, BA1 1HD.

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