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Becoming a Counsellor or Psychotherapist

Becoming a Counsellor or Psychotherapist

Finding your Career Path

How do you decide if you want to have a career as a counsellor or psychotherapist? Often we find that someone who takes up our training has been thinking about it for some time. They may frequently find themselves in a listening role in their work and relationships, and feel that this is something they are naturally drawn to. 

Taking up the professional training is a big commitment in time as well as financially, but our one year Foundation course offers participants the chance to experience the training process and decide if this is the right path for them. The Foundation is the first year of each of our Diploma courses, and helps you to decide whether counselling or psychotherapy is the right career for you.

One of the fascinating things about being a counsellor or psychotherapist is that the learning goes on long after the training ends. Ongoing professional development is an intrinsic part of the career path, and we learn from each and every experience with our clients and colleagues. Peer supervision, research groups and conferences form part of continued professional development and the BCPC Community of Practice offers a home for our graduates to share and develop their professional careers after qualifying. 

BCPC welcomes applications from a diverse range of students, particularly from underrepresented groups. Students with disabilities are encouraged to apply. We will discuss your particular requirements in order to identify and accommodate reasonable adjustments to enable you to participate fully. Our premises are partially wheelchair accessible.

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