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What happens during psychotherapy?

Every session is different because every client is different, as are their problems. Your psychotherapist will encourage you to talk and explore, in a structured way, your feelings and experiences.

Depending on their training and interests, your therapist may also suggest particular techniques as part of that exploration - for example, using art, imaging, dream or movement work.

How much does therapy cost?

This depends on the individual therapist. The fees are negotiated between client and therapist but can range from £35 to £60 for a 50 minute, one-to-one session with a qualified counsellor or psychotherapist.

By using our Advanced Search facility you will see BCPC offer a 'sliding scale' or lower price therapy, for example to people on benefits or lower income. Usually clients will be able to see a senior counsellor / psychotherapist-in-training who is working under supervision and charging a lower fee. Depending on their level of experience they are able to charge as little as £15 per 50 minute session.

What if I am not comfortable with the therapist? 

As in every situation in life there are some people we feel more comfortable with than others. If you find that you are not entirely comfortable with the therapist you have met with, you can speak to them about it, or simply return to the referral service and ask for another referral. Further on in the therapy you may experience difficulties which arise as a result of the process, and you will be encouraged to talk them through with the therapist.

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