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Our low cost service aims to increase access to therapy.

Therapy Referral Service

Therapy Referral Service

Counselling and Psychotherapy give you a chance to talk through your problems in confidence. 

Our therapy services continue in-person, online or by telephone.

When completing the below form, please submit your details within 20 minutes to avoid the session timing out. If you still experience any difficulty submitting your form, please refresh your web page and try again

BCPC Referral Service Registration Form

Thank you for contacting the BCPC Referral Service. Please answer the following questions to help us find you a suitable therapist. This information will be anonymised and circulated to our network of BCPC trained counsellors and psychotherapists to see who thinks they could work with you and has availability.

Please do not give very detailed personal information on this form, just give a few brief details of the area you feel you need support with.

If you have any questions about confidentiality or any other aspect of completing this form, please contact the Referral Service Coordinator, Mark Ames, on 07907 771 612 or email