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Interested in applying for our Counselling or Psychotherapy diplomas?

Interested in applying for our Counselling or Psychotherapy diplomas?

Here you will find our entry requirements for our courses and useful information to help your application.

Entry Requirements For BCPC's Professional Training

Entry is at undergraduate level of competence for the Counselling Diploma and postgraduate for the MA/Diploma in Psychotherapy. 

Applicants to both professional trainings need to have completed the BCPC Foundation Certificate or an equivalent course externally. Individuals with little or no prior training should apply directly to Foundation Certificate. External applicants who already have a Counselling Diploma, either from BCPC or an equivalent alternative Diploma, may join the MA/Diploma at Module 1, Year 2 of the Psychotherapy Diploma.

Equivalence to BCPC Foundation

In order to assess equivalence to BCPC Foundation, please note that the following needs to be matched and clearly indicated on the application form:

  • Completion of an introductory counselling/psychotherapy training course of at least 120 hours, involving an in-depth exploration of the work of Carl Rogers and in particular his 'core conditions' for establishing relationship
  • Skills practice in Threes
  • Participation in open-group work
  • Having been in personal counselling or therapy during the course (minimum 35 sessions)
Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) Procedure (for External applicants)

In addition to matching the above requirements, external applicants to either Diploma are also required to write the essay below. Please submit one copy with your application (hard copy or electronic, to

Essay topic
Discuss Carl Rogers’ qualities of empathy, unconditional positive regard and congruence, showing your understanding of them and exploring the ease and/or difficulty you have in adopting each of them. Make reference to Rogers 1961 ‘On Becoming a Person’ and Mearns and Thorne 2007 ‘Person Centred Counselling in Action’.  Word Count 2,000 – 2,500. Please indicate this at the end of your work.

The purpose of the essay is to show a lively and clear understanding of Rogers’ core conditions and an ability to relate theory and personal experience rather than just showing detailed knowledge of theory. Please aim for a good standard of presentation with all quotations appropriately referenced.

Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) Procedure

APEL procedures may be used in order to acknowledge a person’s relevant prior professional and life experience. A portfolio could include relevant Certificates or Diplomas from related Counselling or Psychotherapy courses, as well as evidence of work in caring professions, volunteer work and work which involves relationship skills. 

Guidelines to Training Applications

For guidelines on applications and interviews please see the below document:

Guidelines For Applicants To BCPC's Professional Training

Counselling Diploma Overview of Assessment Processes