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Natascha Wolf, Psychotherapist in Bristol ,

Natascha Wolf

I’m a UKCP registered psychotherapist in training - offering weekly, in-person sessions - at the Practice Rooms, Stokes Croft, Bristol. Low-cost sessions are £25. Our work together can be short or long term - whatever you require.

The humanistic and integrative approach ensures I will listen deeply, empathetically, and without judgement to your stories, memories, your reality and dreams. Together, we can seek to better understand the origins of your perceptions and feelings, and what your unconscious might be trying to reveal. This could entail reflecting on your attachments, methods of self-protection, patterns that perhaps no longer serve you, and / or recognising how past traumas could be affecting your current ways of being, both personally and relationally.

Whatever your reasons for seeking psychotherapy, I provide a dependable, confidential space where trust can be built for you to feel free to express absolutely anything, however difficult, painful, confusing, or shameful, it might seem to you.

Psychotherapy can be challenging, so my purpose is to metaphorically ‘hold’ you throughout our sessions, and be sensitive to what you - as a unique individual - need. If desirable, I can offer grounding techniques and guided meditation, not to avoid difficult feelings, but to help manage overwhelming anxiety and dis-regulation. In short, you will be holistically heard and seen - not just for who you are, but also who you might yet become…

I have experience of working with those affected by anxiety disorder, ADHD, depression, relationship difficulties, domestic violence, coercive control, bereavement, sexual abuse, addiction, racism, antisemitism, trauma (this list is not exhaustive). My work is closely supervised by a UKCP registered supervisor and I abide to the ethical principles and codes of conduct outlined by BCPC and UKCP.

My background is in holistic bodywork; teaching yoga, pilates, and guided meditation. Also, creative writing and DJing. I continue to work as a therapist at the SWAN Project - a low-cost counselling service, primarily (but not solely) for those affected by addiction.


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  • Counselling: Trainee
  • Psychotherapy: Trainee

Sessions & Fees

Individual: £25


Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy MA: Trainee 3rd Year (BCPC)

Foundation Certificate in Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling (BCPC)

BA Hons: Literature

MA: Creative Writing

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