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Online Application Form

The facility to apply online is only available for the Foundation Certificate and the Psychotherapy and Counselling Diplomas.

If you wish to apply to the Listening Skills course or one of our Short Courses/CPD then visit the How to Apply page and download the relevant application form.

If you are an internal applicant, i.e. have completed our Foundation Certificate and are applying to our psychotherapy or counselling diploma, then log in to the Member Pages, and visit the BCPC section where you can submit your internal application online.

Step One: Contact Details

Stage applied for

Step Two: About you


Step Three: Education

Educational background (not counselling and/or psychotherapy training)
School / College Level / Subject(s) Year Result
Counselling and / or Psychotherapy training
Course name Training institution Number of taught hours Dates
(from - to)
Theoretical orientation
Details of your own therapy / personal growth experience
Name of therapist Frequency
(eg weekly)
(from - to)
Theoretical Orientation
(eg Humanistic, Psychodynamic)
Please describe any major physical or emotional difficulties you have suffered. (If you prefer to give this information at interview, please state that here.) Please also state any disabilities that BCPC would need to accommodate.
Why do you wish to join this BCPC course? (Please include in this section any additional information you feel is relevant to this application.)

Step Four: References

We regret that we do not take up references on your behalf so when submitting your application please make sure you arrange for two references to be sent to us. A form is available here: http://www.bcpc.org.uk/training/how-to-apply-and-fees/

First Referee name and address Second Referee name and address
In what capacity does this person know you? In what capacity does this person know you?

Step Five: Nearly Finished

How did you hear about the course? Please tick relevant boxes.
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