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Foundation Certificate

Skills development and the start of your professional training

Foundation Certificate

*NEW for 2017-2018! The Foundation Certificate will now be offered as an Afternoon/Evening Course on Wednesdays from 2pm - 8 pm. 

* Please note: We will not be running a Saturday Foundation group in the academic year 2017-2018 

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This course is a training in its own right, designed to enhance the work of professionals in people related work, and for individuals who are interested in personal development and in learning counselling skills. It also serves as a springboard for those who intend pursuing further professional training in this field, either in Counselling or Psychotherapy. This is a flexible feature unique among BACP and UKCP accredited courses, allowing students to explore both areas and choose the direction most suited to them. No previous experience is necessary to embark on the Foundation Certificate year, though it is advantageous to attend one of our ten-week introductory courses prior to starting the course.

The focus of the year is on developing the counselling and psychotherapy skills of personal presence and awareness of process. Attention is also paid to interpersonal and group skills. All our training at BCPC builds on these areas as they ultimately allow for the cultivation of an authentic relationship with the client. As a means of helping to achieve this goal, we require students to be in individual counselling or psychotherapy once a week with a practitioner on the BCPC Approved Lists, the cost of which is not included in the fees. Tutors provide assistance in finding approved practitioners once the course has started.

Our students frequently describe the year as a life-changing experience, which many of them see as the most valuable outcome.

The completion of the Foundation Certificate year satisfies our criteria for the first stage of both the BACP accredited and the UKCP approved training courses in Counselling and Psychotherapy (entry onto these further courses is subject to separate interviews).

Attendance is expected on all course days. Whilst we realise that absence is sometimes unavoidable, students must ensure that any gaps in their learning are addressed to the satisfaction of the course tutor. Insufficient attendance may prejudice continuation to a further stage.

Course Structure

The Foundation Certificate is a one year, part-time course, that meets once a week. The focus is on experiential learning that is underpinned by a theoretical grounding in Humanistic approaches and Carl Rogers' core conditions of empathy, unconditional positive regard and congruence. There are also core readings and handouts which help lay sound theoretical foundations.

Individuals are encouraged to draw on their moment-to-moment experience in order to achieve the aim of developing their personal awareness and interpersonal skills. Students have the opportunity to practice their counselling skills in small peer groups, and have termly tutorials with a tutor of their choice to review their progress and assess individual learning needs.

We suggest allowing at least three hours a week for private study. Students are required to keep a journal throughout the course and to write one essay.


Awareness of self and other, and the ways we organise ourselves; our assumptions and values and the way we see others; meeting in our differences

Carl Rogers' core conditions for enhancing personal growth in another: empathy, uncondi tional positive regard and congruence, and the challenge of meeting these conditions

Supporting another in personal exploration: establishing a safe environment and a holding s pace, tuning into and hearing the other

Drawing on the body and felt senses, imaginative reflection, intuition, work with archetype s, images and dreams

Empathy in the “here and now” and awareness of process

The early environment and how it shapes relationship styles

Ethics, Professional Practice

Counselling and psychotherapy, links to further training and personal choices

Individual presentations, tutor and peer review

Endings - past and present


For information on fees please visit the How to Apply and Fees page.

Application Deadlines

We are currently taking applications for the Foundation Certificate. You can apply online or you can call 01225 429720 or email admin@bcpc.org.uk for more information.


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