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The team behind psychotherapy and counselling training provision in the south west


Tree Staunton

Tree Staunton Director

Tree is Director of BCPC. She is a UKCP Honorary Fellow, body psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor, editor and writer.  Tree has a special interest in the links between psychotherapy and the current global crises we face, and she is a member of the Climate Psychology Alliance. Since becoming overall Director of BCPC, she is a non clinical member of UKCP.

Kate Bowman

Kate Bowman Course Leader for Psychotherapy

Kate is Course Leader for the BCPC Psychotherapy Diploma, a UKCP registered psychotherapist, BCPC qualified counsellor, and a CTSD certified supervisor working in private practice in Bath. She has a special interest in working with groups, and previously worked as Group Facilitator for Wessex Counselling Services Foundation and Diploma training in Frome. She is also particularly interested in long term therapeutic work and the co-created processes and narratives that emerge within relationship over time.

Maria Fender

Maria Fender Teaching Staff

Maria is a BCPC trained, UKCP Registered Psychotherapist, Couples Therapist, Supervisor and Family Law Supervisor with a private practice in Bath. Working intersubjectively and dialogically, she has interests in transgenerational aspects of developmental shame and trauma, and how these can affect our sense of belonging. Maria's career prior to her psychotherapy training was in sales and marketing for the corporate banking sector.

Claire Hawcock

Claire Hawcock Teaching Staff

Claire is a UKCP registered psychotherapist and trainer working in private practice in Bath with both individuals and couples. She also has experience of working with addictions in an agency setting. Claire works integratively, combining humanistic and intersubjective approaches. She has a particular interest in the impact of shame on the therapeutic process.

Amanda Hawking

Amanda Hawking Teaching Staff

Amanda is a trainer and BACP accredited counsellor with a private practice in Bath. Prior to setting up her practice, she worked at Cotswold Counselling and as a befriender at the Lullaby Trust. She has a special interest in working with loss and pre/post-natal issues. She trained at BCPC and has run the BCPC Referral Service.

Rae Howling

Rae Howling Teaching Staff

Rae is a UKCP registered psychotherapist in private practice in Bristol. She is a qualified supervisor and has been a tutor at BCPC for ten years. She also works as a trainer at CSTD (Centre for Supervision and Team Development) where she presents the Psychotherapeutic Module. Previously she worked as a social worker and family therapist. She is particularly interested in the integration of Intersubjective Systems Theory with Dialogical Gestalt in her psychotherapy work and teaching.

Cheryl Keen

Cheryl Keen Teaching Staff

Cheryl is a UKCP registered psychotherapist and supervisor working with individuals, couples and young people in private practice in Wiltshire and Gloucestershire. She also practices as a counsellor in NHS Primary Care. Her interest is in the integration of relational and existential approaches.

Peter Lowis

Peter Lowis Teaching Staff

Peter is a UKCP registered psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer with an established private practice in central Bristol. Prior to joining the psychotherapy teaching team, he taught on all levels of BCPC's Counselling Diploma; prior to that, on accredited courses in London and Northern Ireland. Peter is also an experienced NHS therapist, having worked for many years with a diverse client group in North London. His approach integrates elements of relational psychoanalysis with a Humanistic emphasis on a direct and real relationship.

Natasha Maher

Natasha Maher Teaching Staff

Natasha is a graduate of BCPC and a UKCP accredited psychotherapeutic counsellor, supervisor, group facilitator and trainer. She manages the Weston College counselling service. She offers inpatient psychotherapy groups and one-to-one integrative therapy at The Priory Hospital, alongside her Bristol private practice. Natasha has recently trained in Internal Family Systems therapy which she integrates with dream and shadow work. She assists on a “Healing the Shadow” practitioner training course and is particularly interested in working with shame, anger and intergenerational trauma.


Justine McCarthy

Justine McCarthy Teaching Staff

Justine is a UKCP registered integrative psychotherapist, counsellor and trainer currently working in private practice with adults and young people in Shepton Mallet, and as a schools counsellor in the Frome area. She has a background in English Literature.

Nick Medhurst

Nick Medhurst Course Leader for Counselling

Nick trained at BCPC, and is a UKCP Registered Psychotherapeutic Counsellor. He works in private practice in Warminster. Prior to establishing his private practice he worked for a counselling charity in Bath. He has a special interest in working with clients who experience symptoms of PTSD.

Lisa Nel

Lisa Nel Teaching Staff

Lisa is a BACP accredited Integrative counsellor with a passion for teaching and learning about emotional well-being. She has 30 years’ experience in education wearing a variety of hats, and a specialist interest in counselling children and young people. She runs a school-based counselling business, delivers independent CPD training and has a small private practice for clients of all ages, in Warminster.

Jen Owen

Jen Owen Teaching Staff

Jen is a UKCP registered psychotherapist and a graduate of BCPC. She has anestablished private practice working with individuals in Stroud,Gloucestershire as well as a small practice in Bristol. Jen’s work integrates transpersonal and body-centred approaches informed primarily by her research in the field of Pre and Perinatal Psychology.  Prior to her training her background was in Fine Art. 

Martin Phillips

Martin Phillips Teaching Staff

Martin is a UKCP accredited psychotherapist and graduate of BCPC with an established private practice here in Bath.  He works intersubjectively against a framework of dialogical gestalt with particular interest in the effect of power within the therapy room and the interplay between the therapeutic and the real relationship therein. He developed a career in psychotherapy following a 25 year career in international sales and marketing.

Veronica Rosello

Veronica Rosello Teaching Staff

Veronica is a BACP accredited integrative counsellor and member of the Children, Young People and Families Division. She is a trainer and qualified supervisor with experience of counselling in schools, agencies and in a charitable organisation for disabilities. Veronica runs a private practice in Devon working with individuals, families and young people, offering counselling, supervision and workshops. Her approach integrates elements of psychosynthesis within a humanistic framework. Veronica has a background in education and community expressive arts projects.

John Seex

John Seex Teaching Staff

John is a UKCP registered psychotherapist, counsellor, couple counsellor, trainer and supervisor working in private practice in Chalford, near Stroud.  His approach is based on an integration of Intersubjectivity Systems Theory, Gestalt and contemplative approaches.  He is also a member of the faculty of Karuna Training in Europe.

Gill Theodoreson

Gill Theodoreson Course Leader for Foundation

Gill Theodoreson -  Gill is a UKCP registered Psychotherapist, Facilitator and Trainer. She qualified with a MA and Diploma in Humanistic & Integrative Psychotherapy from BCPC/Middlesex University in 2008. Since then she has worked in private practice working with individuals and couples, as a Staff Counsellor at Bristol University and as a Therapist and Course Facilitator at the cancer charity, Penny Brohn UK. Gill is experienced in working with people living with life threatening illness. 

Raje Airey

Raje Airey Internal Examiner - Counselling

Raje is a UKCP registered psychotherapist and works in the Student Counselling service at the University of Gloucester. She has tutored on the BCPC Foundation Programme and has also taught on the BA in Person-Centred Counselling at Colchester Institute/Essex University. She has a small private practice in Stroud where she offers supervision and therapy. Raje qualified with an MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy from the Sherwood Institute/Coventry University in 2013 and trained originally as a person-centred counsellor, gaining BACP accreditation in 2005. She has extensive clinical experience in NHS settings and enjoys working with trauma presentations. 

Sue Wright

Sue Wright Internal Examiner - Counselling

Sue Wright works privately as a psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer and has a particular specialism in working with the survivors of complex trauma.  Her trainings in Integrative Psychotherapy, Psychodynamic work, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Dance Movement Therapy and the Feldenkrais Method all inform her work.   She draws on these trainings as well as Relational Psychotherapy, contemporary neuroscience and Attachment Theory in order to integrate mind, body and emotions and facilitate healing and change.   


​Dr Heward Wilkinson

​Dr Heward Wilkinson External Examiner - Psychotherapy

Heward is a UKCP Registered Integrative Psychotherapist and UKCP Accredited Supervisor, a Trainer at Scarborough Counselling and Psychotherapy Training Institute, and Honorary Fellow of UKCP, and EAIP, and Honorary Member of EAP. He is the author of The Muse as Therapist: A New Poetic Paradigm for Psychotherapy (2009), published by Karnac Books. Heward has a special interest in the wider background and connections of Psychotherapy with Philosophy and Literature, and in the fundamental epistemology/knowledge base of Psychotherapy. He speaks and runs workshops on Shakespeare at Conferences in UK, Canada, and the USA.