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We pride ourselves in the rigour and community spirit of our training. To find out more about our past, present, and our vision for the future, read on.

Bath Centre for Psychotherapy & Counselling

Our history

BCPC was among the first humanistic therapy trainings to be set up in the Southwest, and was founded in 1984 by Peter Hawkins. Peter was soon joined by Alix Pirani, Judy Ryde and Anthony Elman. Together, these founders wanted to provide a professional training embedded in humanistic traditions and integrating psychoanalytic approaches. Our founders were also involved in the establishment of UKCP, the first national body established to unite and regulate the profession of psychotherapy.

Since 1990, students can choose a training path of either counselling or psychotherapy, and both are aligned with the original educational intent – a humanistic emphasis on learning experientially that leads to authentic theoretical integration. Our training remains an integration of humanistic and psychoanalytic approaches. Since 1995 the psychotherapy training has also embraced Intersubjective Systems Theory seeing this as the modern expression of the original founders’ intentions.

Our founders also ensured the continuing development of the training by creating a constitutional structure whereby the graduates own the organisation, and interact professionally throughout the institution.


You can read more about our statement of ethical principles and codes of practice here:

Statement of Ethical Principles

General Code of Practice for BCPC professional members

Other policies and procedures which may be useful:

Equal Opportunities Policy

Dyslexia Policy

BCPC Core Values

Refunds policy

Environmental Sustainability & Climate Change Guidelines

Organisational Structure

Memorandum and Articles of Association of BCPC


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